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What is deregulation? Well I'm gonna date myself here, but for those of you that remember "Ma Bell" (Also known as Bell Telephone Company) back in the 80's was considered a Utility. Home Telephone service was delivered to your house with a monthly fee and you had to pay additional charges for long distance service through AT&T. THAT'S CRAZY with today's "unlimited everything". No choices... if you wanted to communicate "on the line" this Bell 'landline' telephone and AT&T long distance was it. No internet to the general public, no cell phone services, no text messaging...This is how us cave men like me used to communicate back in the 80's.EnergyArticle

The government steped in and deregluated the Telecom Industry, breaking up the monopoly on 'Ma Bell' and AT&T, opening up the market for other companies to come in and provide local and longdistance landline service. With these companies competing for your consumer services it ultimately lowered phone service and pricing. This puts the "choice power" back into the hands of consumers and letting us choose what is best for us!

What happened with Telecom back in the late 80's early 90's is now happening with energy services (Gas and Electric) bringing the power of choice to the consumer with our Gas and Electric Bills! We now can choose a lower price, or if our energy is green or to support a local company! Alternative energy companies are giving some of the following options...

  • Green Energy options so you can be assured your energy is earth resource friendly
  • Lock rate options. With the fluctuating prices of energy some companies are offering to lock in rates for a period of time so your price per unit does not flux with the market
  • Flexible rates that are sometime lower than your current gas company
  • There are some companies that are even offering a referral program where if you refer customers to them you can get your gas and electric usage free of charge!

Energy deregulation is going to be a good shift for the consumer in the years to come. Most new energy companies are already partnering with your local energy company to aid in delivering the energy to you home. In most cases your bill with your current company doesn't even change. The service delivery is with the company you're currently serviced with. The only thing that changes is your "usage" is billed through your alternate company and is at your negotiated rate. This makes switching to an alternate company seamless.

Take a moment to review the below states that have already been deregulated and if your state is not listed keep checking in at http://nlvllc.com/index.php/shop and select your state to see if energy services are available in your state for your home or business. If your state is listed below check out and see if NLV can give you back the power of choice and get you what you need on your energy services!

united states degulation map final SM

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